1. i hate the internet
  2. that’s all
  3. bye

I’m watching the empty child and I’m about to pee my pants

ok, bye again

last friday i thought it was thursday all day up until 4pm when i was *about* to post a tbt to instagram

*procrastinates finishing work to tell you how work was last week*

i have been working so much that i had bad anxious stress dreams last week almost the whole week where i would design in my sleep the whole night and have to wake up at 7am to get it out of my head sos sos so

plz help


Oh we don’t own our heavens now
We only own our hell
And if you don’t know that by now
Then you don’t know me that well

(via getyourassbeat)

heeeeey this is important http://klsekelsey.tumblr.com/post/97005791356/some-selfiezzzz